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May 29, 2008

I'm Ben Hallert, an IT professional living in Oregon.  My wife Kaydee is a Real Estate broker, and our two boys (six year old Marcus and four year old Alexander) are unemployed.

I'm a private pilot with my own plane, a Piper Cherokee Warrior.  Most conversations with me eventually end up on the subject of why the other person should also learn how to fly.  There's an old joke: "How do you know if you have a pilot at your party?" Answer: "Don't worry, he'll tell you."

Most visitors to come to view various projectsof mine, and I've listed some of them to the left.  My personal favorite so far has been 2006's Powerloader costume, (the walking forklift from the movie Aliens).

My interests include electronics, ballistics, motorcycle riding, building unusual devices, and harnessing the very powers of space and time, mua-ha-ha-ha.