After we did the work, it was time to start moving in. I'll spare you some of the mundane stuff, here are some moving highlights.

Leaving Matteson...

The New Garage!

As you can see, we now have a garage! This is truly very neat! Of course, the plans vs. the reality are often different. Take in point this:
Planned: Workshop with smelter, lathe and model aircraft construction center.
Reality: It's now full of stuff from our old place, and I mean FULL.

Thankfully, the garage came with a rap fan club wall. Good thing, too, I hate to imagine how much it would have cost to go out and buy all of these pictures myself.

This is a look out of the garage from the inside. To visualize how it looks now from this same spot, close your eyes and.... that's it. Total blackness, brought on by a massive stack of blankets, model airplanes, computer parts, and fake plants.

Kaydee the Teamster. "Hey buddy, I got your chair RIGHT HERE pal!"

The first personal touches, woo hoo! The bad news, Kaydee hot glued them to the wall. Ha ha, just kidding honey! Ow!

(tilt head 90 degrees, continue) The hinges on our cupboards were safely insulated under about a quarter inch (and 50 years) of paint.

We've got couches, we've got boxes, I declare this family MOVED!

Cornelius (our new cat) glares balefully at me. He seemed to adapt to the new place a lot quicker then Lizzy, probably because of the lack of cat scents. Not to be confused with 'cat sense' of course, the skill a cat has at detecting the most opportune time to wake us up in the mornign when we're at the highlight of our dreams. Damn you, cats!

We were coming back from a christmas party and had to catch this image. Hey cats, don't wait up for us next time!

Awwwww.... wook at that kitty witty cutey pie- ACK! What am I typing?

January 20th, first bloom at our new home!

Well, that's it for a little, time to continue work. Next project, the bathroom!

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