Halloween 2005 - Finished costume

Well, after a few months of work, I have finished my costume.  I will add pictures here as I receive them, both from work and trick-or-treating.

Work Pics

  In classic battle fighting pose.  When I saw this photo, I was seeing the finished costume for the first time.  In restrospect, I realize I should have put more hydraulic pistons on the green pants I wore, or at least decorated them more.  My wife kept telling me to, but I ran out of time and zip tied what you see to them the night before while watching The West Wing.  Frankly, I blame the liberals.
  The hallways at the office I'm at may be wheelchair accessible, but they do not appear to be APU Mech Robot accessible.  At one point, I was walking and walking well past when I wanted to stop, but it wasn't because I was trying to get more attention, it was because I couldn't find a way back to my workspace without getting stuck.  Good thing there wasn't a fire.
  This higher resolution shot of the back shows some of the detailing I did recently, much better than the cell phone pic I took yesterday.  People kept asking me how much it weighed, and the best answer I could come up with was "too much".
  Another close-up view from behind.
  Combat pose again, this time confronting building security.  Molon labe, suckers!

Don't worry, I escaped at a sprightly, lumbering, squeaking 1mph, punctuated by occasional pauses where I gasp for breath and try to regain feeling in my legs.

  A straight-on picture taken at work.  It's looking like I may not have any from Halloween night, no digicams showed up.

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