Money spent

I'll try and keep a running tally of how much I spent and where for things related to the build.

Item Why From Cost Running total
Cozy Info Packet Gotta start somewhere. Aircraft Spruce $18.00 $18.00
LongEZ lithograph Because it's pretty. $11.44 $29.44
Plans, Ch 4 supplies, epoxy/hardener, pump, peel & ply. The first big order w/ plans.  I'm committed! Aircraft Spruce $1336.55 $1365.99
Nitrile gloves & a plastic stand for the epoxy pump. So I can reuse my hands and have a room temperature place to store the epoxy. Wal-Mart (sigh) $22.79 $1388.78
Plastic paint scrapers For squeegeeing the epoxy around Home Depot $2.99 1391.77
Rubbermaid juice container I'll dispense microballoons with it, seems easier than messing with the bag they provided. Shop-Ko $3.99 1395.76

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