TaDa!  Here is our pizza store! 

This was taken on New Years Day 2004, yup it snowed.  Good eye!

Here is our store when you walk in the door.  The Menu is posted there for all to see. 

We have a very impressive make-line, double sided, for when we get busy. :)


Here is a picture of what we see behind the counter....some of the lobby and

our wonderful cooler.  We sell lots of salads and lasagna's!

Another view from behind the counter, this one is more of the lobby and the

soda pop cooler.

Here is a picture of one of the employees that left shortly after we took over. 

He is working hard making pizza's on our make-line.

Our dough rolling machine.  This thing is really scary!  don't wanna get your

fingers stuck in this thing!  Smoosheroo!  Also note the back door, go thru this

and you will find our walk-in cooler and storage shed.  Yup, that's right, they

are outside!  Yikes for when it's cold out!

This picture was taken from the desk area looking out at the make-line. 

You can see me there actually working, changing over some sauce.

This is our oven.  It has two belts and takes about 5 min for a pizza to go thru.